Peripheral Vascular

This specialty is usually referring to arterial circulation everywhere except the heart. This means maintaining adequate blood supply to the rest of the body. This can be evaluated with ultrasounds, pressure comparisons, and Computed Tomography angiograms. These may be needed to determine if an individual needs invasive angiography of the peripheral arteries. This is primarily used to help with discomfort and to optimize quality of life but can be used  to improve circulation to help with wound that is not getting enough blood supply to heal properly. This is invasive but will allow the physician to measure any blockage and treat as needed. This is to help with discomfort and optimize quality of life. This sometimes may be used to provide circulation to heal a wound that is not getting proper blood supply. It also can treat claudication or pain that increases with longer activity and improves with rest. This can advance to rest pain. The treatment can include atherectomy, angioplasty and possibly stent deployment. This can include a recommendation to consider vascular surgery. This also includes carotid stenting. There may or may not be symptoms associated with carotid blockage or stenosis. If a carotid stent is deemed necessary the goal is ensuring better blood flow to the brain.

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