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Michael Jerman, M.D. Cardiologist Mesa Arizona

Michael Jerman, M.D.

Michael Jerman, M.D. has decades of experience as an interventional cardiologist. However his path to becoming a physician was not immediate. He was the first and only member of his family to obtain a college degree. As his ancestors are from Wales, he was advised to go into mining by his grandfather. As an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, he majored in biology with minors in math, chemistry and psychology. Dr. Jerman then began his professional career as a public school teacher. While teaching, he was encouraged to consider a career in medicine by others who recognized his excellent people skills. He gave up his evenings to volunteer in a local emergency room. This lead to his acceptance at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Graduating first in his class, Dr. Jerman later completed his training in internal medicine at the University of Iowa. He graduated again at the top of his class which included almost one hundred fellow physicians. He achieved recognition for this accomplishment by being awarded the Ernest O. Theilen Award. The citation accompanying the award read, “This award is presented annually to a resident in the Department of Internal Medicine who, during assignment to the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, exemplifies the qualities of devotion to patient needs, concern for human dignity, humility, and who, above all, displays exceptional skills in the care of the sick”. Cardiology then became Dr. Jerman’s passion. Transferring to UCLA, he found that interventional cardiology utilized his exceptional visual and spatial skills. Internal medicine and its subspecialties require the intense desire to master large amounts of data, solve complex problems and then formulate a treatment plan. These tasks, the challenge of solving clinical mysteries and the privilege of changing in a positive way the lives of patients on a daily basis gave Dr. Jerman a lifelong desire to fight cardiovascular disease. In a personal statement he is quoted as having said, “Although I excel at taking care of the sickest patients, I also take great pride and pleasure in caring for those much less ill. My job is to provide reassurance and comfort even when cardiovascular emergencies are not my task. Today, there are readily available simple inexpensive tools to identity patients with very early coronary artery disease. It is no longer necessary to wait for a catastrophe or life threatening event in order to be identified as a patient in need. True prevention is achievable. My education has brought me to that conclusion. I am blessed to have had an education which allows me to do things which few others are allowed to do.” During his time as a practicing cardiologist, Dr. Jerman has been selected for numerous patient choice awards including “the compassionate doctor recognition, a top 10 cardiologist for the State of Arizona and one of the three top cardiologists in his community while practicing in Tucson, Arizona.”